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After looking at it in various horoscopes, he and Jayne proposed a meaning for it which is important, unique, and rather vague all at the same time.

The Vertex ~Sacred Union

Jayne taught that it was a point of fate or destiny older astrologers threw those words around a lot , at which things happened that determined the path of your life. They could be large and obvious or small and seemingly insignificant at the time, but you would look back later and say everything changed at that point, in retrospect. In a transit or progression, you can expect an event that will be life-changing, of the nature of the transiting or progressed planet involved, for good or ill.

And, conveniently or rather inconveniently , you may miss it entirely at the time, but it will begin to become clear as time passes. Hint: keep your eyes open to blossoming developments in the rear view mirror. Comparisons are another matter, and here the Vertex seems to play a major role. People with a planet on your Vertex, particularly the Sun, tend to have inordinate effect upon you, regardless of who they are.

Houses and Angles in Astrology, Part 4

The contact can be with a spouse, an important teacher, or some other major mentor and obviously life-changing contact — or it can be with someone whom you hardly know but who does something that critically alters your life, like the stranger on the curb who sticks his arm out to block your path as you are about to step in front of an oncoming car.

If someone has a planet or angle on your Vertex, be particularly aware, as it may be stickier and have a longer-lasting effect on you than you might surmise. As in other crossovers, that may warn you against a number of problematic birth years which have the outer planets posited on your Vertex.

People born then could be conduits for trouble, simply because of their age. Conversely, the day the Sun is on your Vertex in any year produces people who can help you immensely, even without meaning to, and in ways neither of you may immediately recognize. Of course, you probably won't see it clearly until it's already happened, which is what gives the "fate", "destiny", and "karma" flavor to the point, since you don't have the control and free will you'd like to, and are by definition blindsided.

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Along with nodal contacts, Vertex contacts give you a particularly strong feeling of being connected to a larger cosmic family that crosses the ages, connected by planetary degrees. Perhaps equally important is its role as the third angle in locational astrology. A location is considered strong if you have one natal planet rising and another on the MC sometimes called an astrodyne , so if you add another on the Vertex, it makes that spot even more important.

It would be useful to have it on AstroCartography maps, but no program includes it to date.

General Astrology

The best you can do is look for crossing lines and then cast a chart for that spot to see if the Vertex is included as well. The prime vertical is not left out in astrology in other ways — the now-popular Koch house system is based on time measured along the prime vertical, so why not use the Vertex? Actually, more curiously, why is not the Anti-Vertex equally used, the intersection of the prime vertical and the ecliptic in the East, near the normal Ascendant?

The Vertex is always in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th house, as this is the Western Hemisphere of the chart. For example, I have my Vertex in the 8th house and the AntiVertex in the 2nd house.

Inspiration for dreamers and seekers

The AntiVertex is where the Eastern Horizon where the planets rise in the 1st house intersects with the Ecliptic. This picture above looks like the chart would have the Vertex in the 5th house and the Anti Vertex in the 11th house. To discover your Vertex, go to astro. This is the luxury of modern day astrology, computers do the nitty gritty work for you.

#Astrology #The Vertex in the birth chart, what is it and how to read it.

This picture below looks like the Vertex is in the 8th house and the Anti Vertex is in the 2nd house. As you know, the Earth has tilted AntiVertex in the 11th house, Vertex in the 5th house: By finding the truest friends 11th , you will reach your greatest creativity 5th. Being part of a group will inspire you, and finding the right one, where people share your ideals 11th will lead you toward soulful self expression 5th.

AntiVertex in the 12th house, Vertex in the 6th house: You need other people to help you help you understand the depths of your subconscious mind 12th , so that you can be the most productive worker 6th.

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Other people bring you away from self harm 12th and you develop competency at dealing with daily life tasks 6th. By uncovering your inner baggage, working thru your inner complexes 12th , not letting your deep seated wounds affect the way you treat others, you will become a highly functioning 6th individual who is healthy mentally and physically 6th. AntiVertex in the 1st house, Vertex in the 7th house: You attract people who influence your image 1st , because you are often finding yourself in others 7th.

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  6. Your soul came into this life agreeing to learn to be less self centered, to focus your energy on being present for others. AntiVertex in the 2nd house, Vertex in the 8th house: You attract people to help you with pragmatic stuff, so that you can focus on Esoteric subjects. Others around you have money and are more organized 2nd , while you are more of a soul searcher 8th , enthralled by delving into mysterious topics.

    You are more drawn to philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and various ways of life than trivial knowledge. Disheartened by academia, you have the potential to be a grand intellectual once you have time to pursue your own studies and no longer be concerned with ordinary mental tasks.

    I also love giving readings. Sellieve Neptune, professional astrologer. In the post you made about the asteroide Iris, you mentioned that a strong Iris connection could also mean a soul-mate connection due to the understanding. Planet contacts is what I meant. Aug 14, 6. Aug 14, 7. Aug 14, 8.

    The Vertex in Synastry and Transit (Part 2) - Ellie Mae Astrology

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