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Known in India as Gandhi Jayanti, the date pays homage to an Subscribe to our newsletter To be updated with all the latest news, offers and special announcements. Republic of Costa Rica. Month 01 Pop —This was the first month of the Haab calendar. The glyph symbolized a mat, or soft earth.

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Often referred to as a chief or jaguar sign, those born here have the ability to lead others and keep everything grounded. Balancing vision with sensitivity is your greatest asset. Fiery in temperament and nature, natives of this sign have both the grace and agility of these forest dwellers combined with the nobility of spirit and purpose as well as a symbiotic relationship to the forests.

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Representing both air and water, these two creatures move unfettered through their respective realms. As the fish plumbs the depths for nourishment, Sotz natives look within their subconscious to discover the path ahead. The image is that of a skull which represents the intellectual and mental energies that those born in this sign have in abundance and yet are grounded by the practicalities of life.

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Month 06 Xul —This is the sign of the Dog god. The Mayan believed that the Dog would guide souls as they transited from this realm to the next. Loyalty, strength and dedication are highlighted in natives of this sign. There is also a strong connection to the afterlife that enables those born under this sign to help others who fear the beyond. With the ability to illuminate the darkness, natives of this sign are natural healers, both in the physical and spiritual realms. Month 08 Mol — This month is ruled by the cardinal sign of water. Those born under this sign were believed to have the ability to make rain come.

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With the jaguar as the animal totem, Mol natives have the potential to excel as leaders or explore the mysteries of the spirit realm like the shamans of old. You have the ability to draw on the powers and energies of the moon to your advantage. Being both demonstrative and clever, your ability to tap into the emotional realm is truly beneficial in relationships.

Yax is a life sign and is often identified with Venus. Having the gift of harmony, those born under this sign can truly be said to be peace-keepers who are in balance with the world around them. Strong connection to the daylight hours.

The Mystique of Mayan Astrology – A Pura Vida Perspective

The Frog is the totem for this sign. Those born here are adaptable and comfortable with change. Like your totem, you can make the jump from one level of consciousness to the next with ease. Those born here can draw on their affinity for natural balance and the natural world to provide order out of chaos. For credit card psychic telephone readings, please have your card ready.

International callers will be charged in British Pounds. Dating way back to the sixth century A. D, the Mayans had reached their peak in power and have proved to be extremely skilled at writing, pottery and mathematics, which is why the Mayan Calendar is so famous.

They left amazing artwork behind along with architecture, which has since been discovered after such a long time since their decline in A. The civilization was located in Mesoamerica, which is now known as Mexico and Central America. Speaking more than 50 different languages, their diversity has proved to be very impressive, especially with a good majority of them being bilingual in Spanish.

With the Mayan calendar , it consisted of 18 months of 20 days, instead of our usual 12 of days. This is called the Haab, which is followed by 5 days called the Uayeb however; the day count still adds up to With 20 days for each 18 months, that must alter a lot, right? Well, yes, it does! Below are the different months. Even though they are listed from top left to bottom right, this is where it gets a little bit different. You will find many of these calendars that are spelt different and that tends to happen, most likely due to their different languages.

Diverse and creative, just like the Mayans themselves. Have a look and see which one you are and what it could mean for your personality. If you are born under this sign, you might experience peaks of productivity around 9pm until 4am, where you suddenly get lots of creative ideas that spark an excitement within you. It is said that everything to do with the night is a good symbol for you.

Perhaps consider wearing dark blues, blacks and silvers to suit your sign and boost imagination and ideas for projects. The Yax is indeed a lovely sign to be.


If Yax is your sign, it means you are naturally open, loving and very giving to people around you, always wanting to help. Have you ever witnessed one of those people who just gets up and go? Well, if you are born from February 11 th until 2 nd March, you could act very much like this. People who have the sign of the Sak are actually very comfortable in their own skin, finding it easy to take on challenges with natural confidence.

Many people could be rather afraid to be out of their comfort zone, however this sign welcomes change and risks. The best time of the day for this sign is the early morning. Your sign is the frog because they can adapt very well to water and land, symbolising how flexible you can be. Keh is all about balance, peace and serenity. Are you someone who wants tranquility in your life with no arguments or upset?

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There is nothng wrong with standing up for what you believe is right. You may find that woodland areas will help you relax and become more centred in times where you are unsure of yourself. Those born under the Mak sign are ones that tend to confuse people around them. Why is this? If you are this sign, do you find yourself being a bit more secretive? This is actually a good thing because it keeps people guessing and this makes them much more interested in who you are.

You love spending time around people but also feel you need to have that alone time very often to gather your thoughts and reflect on goals. For the ancient Mayans, however, the dog also served as a guide into the afterlife, so these folks are also well-known for their ability to comfort and to teach, even in times of great difficulty and change.

You are closely in tune with the natural cycle of life and probably have some natural healing skills.

What Is My Mayan Zodiac Haab Sign?

You are harmonious, with a strong knack for diplomacy and keeping peace, but you are also strongly decisive and are able to make decisions quickly. You are changeable and adaptable, with a certain tendency to wanderlust and seek new experiences. Similarly, Keh people are strong, with the ability to support and nurture their family and loved ones, and to maintain a healthy and balanced environment. In other words, they are secretive, closed off to the people around them, and an unending source of mystery. Folks born under this sign rarely show their hand or reveal their inner lives.

Instead, it means that they are extremely comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, and are often wise and calm in situations that make everyone else deeply uneasy. These people are seers and visionaries who are usually close to those with leadership roles, offering advice and insight. Those born during these dates are persistent, stubborn, and utterly unchangeable, with a tendency towards long-life. These five days are considered the most unlucky in the Mayan calendar and people born in this brief period have complex fates.

These individuals are not unlucky themselves, but they the power to affect change during unlucky, unstable times. Often, these people are capable of unknowingly setting off small chain reactions that can have massive repercussions down the line, both good and bad. Thank you!