The most compatible zodiac sign for sagittarius

The sign is that of the half horse, half man archer. The rulership of Jupiter lends to this sign the quality of expansion and breaking through barriers. This expansion however can take place on both the physical and mental plane, hence the dual nature of the creature in the sign.

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On a physical level this may involve travelling to distant lands and places. It may involve breaking physical barriers such as climbing unconquered mountains or breaking endurance records. On a mental level this will manifest in a person expanding their mind in a quest for knowledge and truth. They may be interested in the many different religions and beliefs that make up the world. In reality of course the physical and the mental planes are linked but the Sagittarian energy may express itself more in one area than another depending on the individual.

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This searching quality is further emphasised by the sign being an archer sending his arrow to unchartered places. Jupiter also gives the sign of Sagittarius an undeniable optimism. Rarely do you see a Sagittarian in negative or downbeat mood. For them life is a challenge and an adventure and there is lots to be seen and done. Also in the sign of Sagittarius there is a rainbow. In the bible the rainbow was given after the flood by the creator to mankind to say that there would be no more severe judgement as had just been experienced. It's a positive symbol and inspires one with meaning when it is seen in the sky.

Sagittarians have also been granted lots of energy as they are a fire sign. This energy is mutable changeable in nature. You can think of it as a flickering flame or a dynamic storm that passes by quckly. In this way you can see a Sagittarian could have quite a temper. They soon however say what they have to say, spending their energy, and transform back to their normal optimistic and positive self.

Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarians are not known for their tact however. We've all heard the phrases "opposites attract" and "birds of a feather flock together," and these two opposing ideas seem to come up often enough when the compatibility of sun signs is explored. Date your diametric opposite, Taurus. If you make it through alive—it's forever! Can't stand all the fighting? Try a Cancer, you're both water signs!

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Water, wow! But, any astrology enthusiast knows that when a person is born, many planets clamor into place and influence their becoming. From this planetary arrangement, we fashion natal charts, and with natal charts firmly in our grasp, we begin the work of exploration.


When two people's natal charts are brought together in the search for compatibility, that is called synastry, a word that simply means "the stars together. To compare two natal charts, one must examine where the planets and sometimes even asteroids Chiron and Lilith, for example were positioned when two different people were born. On each individual chart, these galactic bodies mark transits that aim to influence a person throughout their life.

One person's chart can be alive with contradicting forces, moody gods and streaks of luck. These transits do work on each other, and many a querent spends their life understanding how to harmonize the energies they carry within themselves. Bring another person's chart into the mix, and you've got yourself a beautiful web of influences, synchronicities, and wild divergences in behavior and ideology.

Friendship Compatibility

Does that Scorpio still want a Taurus? Perhaps their Taurus moon might feel a sense of resonance with another Taurus, especially if the degrees are close. But, imagine the Taurus who arrives. Let's imagine one area of inquiry into their compatibility now. With Venus the energy one anticipates and desires in intimate connections in independent, adventure-seeking Sagittarius and Mars the energy one exerts toward their intended in smooth-talking indirect Libra, Scorpio might have a lot of trouble with their newfound Taurus.