Moon in aries man compatibility

If you forget to compliment at least one feature the hair is usually a good start , you will be reminded! This can be great if you first make sure that the two of you can get together sexually and still remain friends. When it comes to a long-term relationship, each of you will have to put in a lot of work, because you both need so much devotion. They say that giving compliments can be even more fulfilling than getting them, so give it a whirl!

But it you feel as though you need to go outside of the relationship in order to get the attention that you crave, think twice before you make a big commitment. Your karmic lesson is to talk things through and get people to understand what you want to do -- unless you want to be all alone! Virgo lives to please, and you love to BE pleased. Obviously, this could be a good arrangement, especially for you. In bed, you will be the one to call the shots, and Virgo will gently yet firmly try to make sure you get everything that you want.

Virgo will literally take you to school, if necessary, to make sure you learn how to be the one that does the pleasing. Virgo people like to have things their own special way. You can learn a lot from this meticulous sign, from how to be more organized to the physical functions of the human body and how they contribute to mutual sexual pleasure. Your karma will be served here when you learn to appreciate what this special person is willing to do for you, while returning the favor now and then.

What do you like more than anything? And guess what?

Aries Moon Sign Compatibility

This elusively attractive, romantic individual just loves to be chased -- over and over again! There will be an instant attraction here, because you are actually opposites. There are aspects of the Libran soul and personality that you admire and wish to have for your own, and the feeling is quite mutual. For that reason alone, you make a great match. You must do the mating dance -- approach and avoid, touch this and feel that -- and then you might finally capture your quarry.

Libra will see you as the hero that you are, and this is bound to make you feel great about yourself.

Libra is also capable of giving you a lot of attention and devotion -- and the sheer idea that you have to work for it will make you want to do lustfully nasty things with your Libra over and over again. You are as different as night and day.


There is no question that, when the two of you have your way with one another in bed or any other surface that happens to be handy, sparks will fly. The sex between you will feel like a passion-filled wrestling match, where the struggle for domination is as appealing as the sensation of erotic pleasure. Scorpio is in search of excellence, and will know that it has been found by being in bed with you Scorpio will listen to every word that you say, silently keeping score and weighing your comments against expectations that are, most likely, unreasonably high.

Rather than stroking you and telling you how great you are, Scorpio might nitpick at your lifestyle and try to transform you into a whole different person. The happy-go-lucky, in-your-face energy of the average Sagittarius is easy for you to relate to. The pisces in sun and aries in moon combination engenders a temperament that is by turns reflective and ponderous but also intense and daring.

These people are not to be underestimated because beneath their placid congenial surface lays a bold fire. Their emotions are powerful and impulsive and may often manifest in an overreactive way. They are keen observers of human behavior and adept at picking up on hidden agendas very quickly. The pisces sun-aries moon girl or woman is likely to be a feminine but strong female character.

Self-sufficient and independent, this female is not a damsel in distress but more of a femme fatale who can take care of themselves. They cannot be controlled, they desire to be their own person and their chutzpah is admirable. They may be quite outspoken with their ideals and likely have strong views on a number of issues close to their heart.

Although they are sensitive and receptive, they are also ambitious and creative with a desire to achieve and make a name for themselves. In romance, they can be very alluring and passionate and may be more direct than other Pisces in expressing what they want. The pisces sun and aries moon man is likely to be full of creative passion and desire to do what is meaningful to them.

It's him, lol. Too bad he doesn't realize I'm just being friendly and don't wamt a commited relationship. This is a very good article,i had a question,Can an Aries sun scorpio moon man be good match for a Libra sun aries moon woman,if his scorpio moon is highly evolved and if he is more patient and less short temeperd compared to a typical Aries? The hands on approach is true, I bought the supplies to create my own bed frame. And it's not that I don't get the commitment part of the deal, I just haven't ever been that attached to anyone.

Um I'm petty sure I want a soulmate, I am a Libra sun Aries moon , I want that best friend, lover, wife, and mother of greatness kind of woman. That totally awesome woman who is just intrinsically exciting. I've gotten really close too, with a Aries and a Taurus. I am a male Libra sun,Aries moon. A dog is not man's best friend.

A dog is man's best slave. Man's best friend is a peaceful,honest person. A society that values agression over peace and greed over honesty will value slavery over friendship. Whoa, that's me. I've always wondered why I never wanted to be in a relationship ever. Sure, I love the idea of love and intimacy but the thought of being in a committed relationship just suffocates me. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Aries Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility – Aquarian Astrology

As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Ellie more. Difficulties for a Female Libra Sun Aries Moon She can marry too young, and find that all she really wanted was to be alone. Love and duty are a hard mix for her. She likes the idea of being in love and can chatter for hours about the wonders of romance, but she never quite gets the hang of the responsibilities that a commitment entails.

Positives of a Libra Sun Aries Moon She's a delightful companion on her own terms, and most of her relationships should not exceed the limits of friendship and casual commitment. She's one of the talented homemakers of the Zodiac who can decorate her home with her own pieces of art, hang her fabric wallpaper and cut her own carpet. She's both masculine and feminine in all her capabilities, her interests, and self-expression.

She may appear soft and easily led, but I can assure you she'll end up doing everything her own way, and with very little compromise.


She often gets into power struggles with men. Just because she looks gentle doesn't mean that she's weak and easily tamed. Difficulties for a Libra Sun Aries Moon Highly individual, he is one of the most difficult men in the Zodiac to pin down. This is the one Libra who is not seeking a partnership. This full moon position brings out the aggressive nature of the normally harmonious Libra. Serial relationships are preferred.

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Many disputes, some legal, result from the configuration. He will do some one-of-a-kind craftsmanship or entrepreneurship of top caliber. He will be handsome in a fine-boned manner.